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Your next hunting partner and family member awaits

Obedience, Started and Finished Gun Dog Training Available

These Dog's are ready to hit the field running.


Field Proven 



At CWK, we honor to breed champion bloodline Labradors that are proven in the field to our “Gold Standard”. We examine our breeding dogs health clearances before entering our breeding program. Every dog we breed has picked up 100+ birds in the field in multiple hunting situations. If we would not hunt over a dog, then it does not go into our breeding program. The reason for the "Gold Standard" is because we will never have dogs in our breeding program that we have not examined and tested to our standard. We will never have an imported dog that looks good on paper but does not show our “Gold Standard”. We believe this is the reason so many guys get very slow/ lazy dogs when they buy from other programs. We have come to realize that a title or test quality dog does not always align with gun dog quality. This is the reason we have our standard set for champion bloodlines AND proven “gentleman’s” gun dog in the field.


We feel that it is vitally important that each of our dogs spends time doing what they are bred to do; therefore every dog in our breeding program gets their time in the field. We have two locations CWK KC (Kearney, Mo) and CWK SouthCamp (Independence, Ks). 

CWK Gold Standard

When selecting our dogs for breeding we look at must have factors. These factors are high drive performance in the field (Can NOT be timid/ slow on a retrieve), must have a high IQ (Dog picked up commands quickly during training), very good off switch (calm in demeanor in the house and the blind), and a dog that honors other dogs in the field while remaining calm (No whining). Our standards are the highest they can possibly be for our clients. When you purchase a CWK puppy you know exactly the quality you are getting from EVERY single litter.

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3513 CR 2800

Independence, KS 67301

Tel: 620-205-9855

13114 Plattsburg Rd.

Kearney, Mo 64060

Tel. 816-615-3874

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